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Unlocking a Heart

Junk drawers … every house has one. 

Filled to overflowing with the  mish mash of our lives; pieces long separated from puzzle parents,  games parts found on the floor long after the box has been stacked neatly in the floor to ceiling game closet, batteries which we no longer recall if they are new or old, stamps, pens, pencils, paper clips, broken sunglasses, and keys. 

Photo credit: Viewminder / iW / CC BY-NC-ND


Keys –  tossed into the back of the jumbled drawer for when we will need them someday.  Originally kept because they belonged to something. We knew which lock they would open and felt it was important to keep them for the future. Perhaps the key was so familiar to our hands, we felt we would never forget what it opened.

Keys-essential tools needed to open a locked door, car, safe deposit box, file cabinet or shed. If we are unable to find the right one we are shut out, locked out, kept out of where we want to go.

Keys-when separated from the knowing of what they open become useless trinkets, good only for an afternoon game of imagination played by children

What happens when you NEED to find the right one?

 Car keys lost, and you need the spare to get to work on time.

Can’t find the key to unlock your storage shed holding the snow blower with a blizzard coming.

Applying for his first job, your teen needs his social security card, the key to the family safe, no where to be found.

What happens when you NEED to find the right key?

What length will you go to find  what is lost?     

When the heart of your spouse, your child or yourself

is locked and shut tightly.

Where do you look?

Will you be able to find the key

to unlock a heart?

Can you slow down your life enough to find it?

 Many keys to search through, large and small, there must be one to fits- you try them all



looking one more time

one  ring of keys yet-in the back, perhaps stuck under something else, causing it to hide from view

there is one,  it slides into the locked up place and opens

Overcome with joy you are able to enter that what was closed


   Very often it’s the last key on the key ring that opens the lock.

When giving up is not an option.




You are stronger than you think. Fighting for what matters- because it matters more than words can say.

Don’t give up- even when you can not see the outcome and change seems impossible

Don’t give up– parent, husband, wife, child. Ever.

Photo credit: Hans Pama / iW / CC BY

So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you.”        Deuteronomy 31:6 NLT


Blessings for your day, sweet reader of mine- I pray you are overcome with hope for that which you search for today.


About Nancy Bouwens

Simplicity Coach, Writer & Wonder Seeker. My family and I are lifelong residents of the "Mitten" -near the incredible beaches of western Michigan and am passionate about beautiful things, human beings and living a life that matters. I believe people matter more than things. We can't do everything. What we choose to do matters more than we know, We will have to leave some things behind to live the life we yearn for and are called to. I believe most of all...God is faithful- even when he is silent.

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  1. katinavaselopulos

    A couple of months short of a year and this post still feels inspiring and promising!
    Thank you Nancy for the reminder!

    Happy and blessed New Year, my friend!

  2. So many angles from which to turn…a key. If the desire to find it awakes. This is a good time of year to re-engage and shuffle through the junk drawer. To extend an arm to its end range capabilities of hope. Thanks for the encouragement Nancy!

  3. Nancy, What a lovely, well written, sensitive, and wise post!

    Everone loses keys or has keys no longer useful! It is however the symbolic meaning of key and lock that makes your post valueable. Ecouraging us to unlock the door to our own heart and to the hearts of those close to us gives hope and empowers us to share the Divine gifts locked deep iside, in order to live the creative, spiritual, and fulfilling life we were created to live.

    Blessings to you and Light!


    1. Katina- here’s to searching for what matters!
      Nancy 🙂

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