An Intentional Life

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The Weekend Collective – Be Kind

Kindness is defined by Wikipedia as “a behavior marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition, and concern for others.”  I think many would agree this ‘ole world could use a bit more kindness. The election year we experienced was like none other. Common courtesy is in short supply in the public and private arenas, but we […]

Facing Fear and Being Brave

Fear paralyzes, keeps us stuck and steals from us the opportunity to color outside the lines and experience a life without limits. When children first learn to walk, they are not worried about doing it wrong. Innately we are brave and curious beings. No one has to tell a child how to walk. They are […]

The Weekend Collective: Eat More Ice Cream

chocolate ice cream no regret

Welcome to the Weekend !  To each of you who are tackling stress, overwhelm and the joy of a messy life, I invite you to take a breath, step away from the hustle and savor the moment. It’s a good one.  Every now and then, the internet shares a golden nugget which frankly I don’t feel I can […]

On Vulnerability

Vulnerability Nancy Bouwens Coach.Writer.WonderSeeker

We like the idea of vulnerability. It sounds like a good plan and something we should probably embrace, but alas, it is almost always harder than we imagine. The biggest struggle with vulnerability is we see it as a weakness in ourselves but like a moth to the flame, we are drawn to those who are. Vulnerability is […]