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Client Testimonials

Life Coaching has been such a great experience for me …Thank you. 

I have learned from my mother always remember to say thank you. When you say thank you, let them know exactly what you are thankful for. Thank you Nancy. What a blessing  you have been to me.

Let me tell you how… I have learned to step out of my box, address my challenges and break them down into small steps and to work on those small pieces each week.

I have come to see myself as the Artist that I truly am. I have learned to dream bigger and see how I can make things happen in my life.

You have helped me to find joy in the midst of a challenging new job. I now bring my peace and serenity into work with me. Every work day is more enjoyable and love abounds there.

I now celebrate the big and small accomplishments in my life. You have helped me press through many fears.

Thank you.   Gratefully  M.R.A  Artist


After retiring from a fulfilling but crazy-busy 35-year career…    

Final Version (English)

photo: eliazar

I found myself stuck in my new life full of idle time. The empty calendar, which first felt wonderful, was now a source of guilt. When I found that I couldn’t quite answer the question “What am I contributing to the world today?”  I knew I needed help. That’s when I found Nancy.

She skillfully led me through a series of probing questions and various exercises that revealed some important insights.

These insights, in turn opened new doors for me as I volunteered my time and services. Nancy’s nudge was just what I needed. She understands that the answers and solutions lie within us, and she has the coaching skills and the personal gifts to help uncover and clarify what we need to live our best life.

L.M.  Educator]


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